Conservative Group on the City Council Present Alternative Budget

Today, Cllr Hilton Spratt will present an alternative budget proposal to the City of Lincoln Council, on behalf of the Conservative Group.

Cllr Spratt said:

“Our budget would reward our hardworking local residents and businesses, while the controlling Labour group look only to continue on with the same tired approach which local people have grown disenfranchised from. We are continuing with our well received manifesto commitment to push for the introduction of a “pop in parking scheme”, which will allow people to park free of charge for the first hour at weekends. This will encourage more people to visit our excellent local shops, without punishing them with excessive parking charges. We are also proposing an end to Labour’s green bin tax. We believe people shouldn’t be taxed for looking after their gardens. We will look to support our young people by building more, good quality homes, however ensuring that the appropriate infrastructure will be in place to facilitate this. We should be focused on building homes that people want to live in. In order to help our local entrepreneurs, we are also proposing further investment in new managed work /office spaces, to encourage small local businesses and start ups to thrive in Lincoln. This will increase employment opportunities for the next generation. A number of local residents have spoken to us about the failure of the City Council to keep our streets clean, because of this we are proposing a 10% increase in the number of public waste bins. We will also look to make City Hall more efficient after years of Labour control, reforming the current management structure and reducing the bureaucracy which costs you, the Lincoln taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds each year.”