About us

Lincoln Conservative Association is made up of like-minded people whose aim is to build a better Lincoln constituency by promoting Conservative values. 

The Lincoln Conservative Association is open to anybody who supports the Conservative cause. The Association is one of over 600 Conservative Associations which are part of the national Conservative Party. The Lincoln Conservative Association works within the constitution of the Conservative Party but – as with all local associations – it is run and paid for by local people. 

The Lincoln Conservative Association is run by an Executive which may include representatives from the City of Lincoln Council wards, North Kesteven District Council wards and Lincolnshire County Council divisions which make up the Lincoln constituency. These may include Conservative councillors who represent Lincoln wards together with other representatives nominated by the local ward Conservative branches. 

The Chairman, Deputy Chairman Membership, Deputy Chairman Political, Treasurer and up to three other officers of the Association are elected at the Annual General Meeting which is held in the May of each year. All paid up members are entitled to attend and vote. The officers are responsible for the day to day running of the Association and report directly to the Executive, which meets quarterly. The Executive, with the advice from the officers, decides the Association’s policy. 

The Association exists to promote the Conservative cause throughout the Lincoln constituency and to work for the election of Conservative Party candidates at local, national and European level. We do not receive funding from the national party and the money we spend is raised by members and supporters through membership subscriptions and fundraising events. We pay a quota, based on membership, to the Conservative Party to help the party with national campaigns and the maintenance of the national campaigning HQ. 

The money we raise locally enables us to run the local office (including utilities, rates etc), to fund literature and produce election leaflets. Our In Touch newsletter is distributed by our members to every household in the constituency. 

The majority of fundraising events are organised at ward level by the local Conservative branches. These, like the Association events, are both social and political. Details of events organised by the Association and the branches can be found on the events page.

Like any worthwhile organisation there is a lot of hard work to be done. But, it is rewarding and good fun and we invite you to join us!