More Young People in Work Means a Brighter Future for Lincoln

Karl McCartney MP has welcomed new figures showing that 18,000 fewer young people in the East Midlands are not in employment, education or training - a 22.25% decrease since the election.

Jobs are being created for young people in Lincoln, for example with the opening of the new Jack Wills clothing store in our City. 

Across the UK as a whole, there are 184,000 fewer young people not in work, education or training – a 12 per cent fall since the election.

Karl McCartney MP said: “It’s great news that there are 18,000 fewer young people out of work, education or training in the East Midlands since 2010. In my City of Lincoln Constituency alone we have seen youth unemployment fall from 1035 when I was elected in May 2010 to 620 today – a fall of some 415. These aren’t just numbers on a Government graph – every young person taken off the dole is someone with new self-respect, new confidence and new security for the future. 

“This hasn’t happened by accident. It’s happened because the Government has a long-term plan to build a healthier economy in Britain – helping businesses to create more jobs – and ensuring more young people have the skills they need to find a job or succeed in further study.

“These figures show that the Government’s long-term economic plan is working - securing a brighter future for young people in Lincoln. Now we’ve got to stick to it.”