Karl McCartney MP responds to Ed Miliband’s London based candidate after opposing Labour’s state price fixing amendment to the Consumer Rights Bill

Lincoln’s Member of Parliament, Karl McCartney MP, has written to Lincoln Labour’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate after opposing Labour’s proposed policies on letting agents’ fees which could have far-reaching unintended consequences.  It follows on from his decision last night to vote against these damaging proposals in the House of Commons and as the Labour Party had written a ‘public’ letter.

Karl McCartney MP said:

“Many of the people I represent in my Lincoln constituency cannot afford to pay more rent.  Labour’s half-baked plans would lead to fewer properties being available and rents increasing. I therefore, like any right-minded individual, cannot support them.

“The artificial freeze that you (Labour) propose also flies in the face of sound economic policy...and the idea that you can simply abolish costs is nonsensical, entirely naive, and is akin to printing vast amounts of currency and not expecting a decline in its value. I can see why as a Parliamentary Candidate of the fiscally inept Ed Miliband you are attracted to such a policy.”

Karl McCartney also highlighted the action his Conservative-led Government has already taken to improve redress for tenants concerning complaints and pointed out that letting agents are already required to declare their fees on their literature; therefore providing consumers with transparency when making a choice in the market.  This comes on top of the Government’s Help to Buy schemes which have already assisted over 27,000 households to buy their own home, continuing a sound Conservative objective to create, as far as possible, a Property Owning Democracy.


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