Cllr Dyer Questioning Single-Use Plastics Used by the Council

At Full Council yesterday Cllr Dyer asked a question on the importance of reducing the amount of single use plastics that we use as a Council and also as a City in general. Documentaries such as Blue Planet have raised awareness of the damaging environmental implications that plastics have on the eco-system and the negative effects of plastics will last for generations.

Cllr Dyer was asked by the Lincoln Against Plastics group to raise this issue at full council. He asked what the City of Lincoln Council are doing to reduce its own usage of single use plastics, then if a plastic audit has been created to monitor the usage of plastics within the authority. He then raised the issue of people becoming confused when it comes to knowing what can and cannot be recycled in our recycling service. Cllr Dyer encouraged the Council, where possible, to advertise in more detail so that we can ensure we maximise our recycling.

Arguments were also made regarding the importance of manufacturers taking responsibility for what they produce and the need for consumers to be more aware of the environmental implications of the products (and the packaging).

Over the coming weeks Cllr Dyer hopes to work with the Council to reduce and monitor its usage of single use plastics and help deliver a cleaner, more environmentally friendly Lincoln.