City Council News

h2016 saw an all up election for the City of Lincoln Council with all 33 seats contested and a mixed bag of results. Numerically the Conservative Group is unchanged but for certain individuals there have been changes. 

Of the six councillors returned, it was pleasing to see four of them topping the poll in their respective wards and being returned for four years each; Keith Weaver in Witham Ward (Previously Bracebridge), Eddie Strengiel in Birchwood ward, myself in Hartsholme ward and most welcome Yvonne Bodger in Minster ward. Tom Dyer, a student at Lincoln University, was returned in Witham ward for three years (second to Keith) and is now the youngest councillor by several years. Last but not least, Andy Kerry was returned in third place in Hartsholme ward for two years after a successful year as the Mayor of Lincoln. 

Replacing him is our returning councillor Yvonne Bodger, who after a few years out has returned to a richly deserved honour becoming the 810th Mayor of Lincoln.Unfortunately we lost two sitting councillors, Marika Riddick in Hartsholme and Matt Wilson in Witham, both of whom have given stalwart service and will be sorely missed. Thanks to both of them for their contribution and service. 

As we have County Council Elections next year this (barring by-elections) is how we are going to be for the next two years. Between us we are covering all the committees of the council and carrying opposition to this socialist controlling group. 

We provide a Conservative outlook and ideas to the council which may not be welcomed but helps to remind the council that Conservative ideas and action from central government are giving them opportunities and advantages that they think are theirs. As Conservatives we fight for what we think is right and to support all residents of this fine city.

Cllr Ron Hills
Conservative Group Leader