Lincoln Conservative Association is a voluntary organisation run entirely by local people. Our main objective is to promote the Conservative cause and to secure the election of Conservative candidates to Parliament, the European Parliament, Lincolnshire County Council, City of Lincoln Council and North Kesteven District Council.

Members' subscriptions and fundraising events are used entirely to this end.

If you have Conservative values and vote Conservative we hope you will join.

Full Members
Full Membership of the Conservative Party is £25 per person a year (£5 if under 23). Current or former members of the Armed Forces can join for a reduced rate of £15.

  • Full Membership entitles you to take part in all decisions taken by the Party at national, regional and local level. These include the postal ballot for the election of the Leader of the Conservative Party, the selection of Parliamentary, European, Lincolnshire County Council, City of Lincoln Council and North Kesteven District Council candidates and, at the AGM of the Lincoln Association, the Chairman and officers.
  • Membership also brings the right to apply to be nominated as an official Conservative candidate.


How can you help?

Most of our members pay a subscription as they want to support the Conservative Party financially, however, we welcome members who would like to get more involved in helping. As you will see from our events pages there are plenty of ways to get involved and enjoy your membership!


  • We campaign on local and national issues
  • We deliver our quarterly InTouch newsletter, to every home in the Lincoln constituency. Why not deliver your road?


Helping to run your local ward branch
In most of the wards in the Lincoln constituency, there is a Conservative branch which organises;

  • social functions
  • InTouch deliveries
  • the election and other campaigns

The number of meetings held annually varies. Some meet monthly, others less frequently. They always welcome new members and supporters who want to get involved. Please contact the Association for details of your local ward brand who will be delighted to hear from you.

Running the Lincoln Conservative Association
Members are also encouraged to help with running the Association.
This can be by

  • becoming an officer
  • being a member of the team who ensure that the envelopes are filled and sent out
  • helping with the catering for a social event
  • joining our central campaign team

But don't worry if you have never done any of these things before, neither had we until we joined!